Sid Dickens

A Factors Cottage Favorite

 Each tile listed here is what we have in stock in Factors Cottage.

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Fall 2018: Commemoration


T-445 Bravery           Bravery

With a fighting spirit, be fearless

in life's pursuits. 








T-446 Cashew Apple            Cashew Apple

Unique natural beauty,

bearing fruits for all.










T-447 Honour               Honour

Respected and held in the

highest esteem; the 

product of integrity

and truth.









T-448 Kinship                         Kinship

Creating memories with open 

doors and arms; offerings of 

friendship and hospitality.










T-449 Cosmopolitan Flower       Cosmopolitan Flower

Sophisticated and refined, you

are of glamorous character. 










T-450 Cello                  Cello

Expression without words,

connecting the soul through









T-451 Dice                         


Opening the doors to endless

possibilities, you never know

what will come next...










T-452 Calla Lily                   Calla Lily

White flower standing so elegantly

embracing the purity of nature's










T-453 Jewel                Jewel

Through life's journey and 

and all its trials, you emerge

strong and beautiful.









Holiday 2018 Collection:


T-454 Father Christmas (Retiring).         Father Christmas

Her he comes! 

An annual tradition, bringing 

good cheer and joy to all.









T-455 Nativity  (Retiring).            Nativity

With the birth of Jesus, 

they gazed down through

the light of humility and 










T-456 Winterberry (Retiring).                  Winterberry

Shining red berries and evergreen 

leaves, bringing good luck and

protection to the home.










Spring 2018: Rejuvination Collection










 T-439 Morning Glory

Gentle and strong blooms,

navigating through the twists

and turns of life's array.







T-441 Stone Tapestry

Ancient patterns of Moroccan

florals give way to faraday














T-442 Sweet Orange

The zest of life builds enthusiasm

for happiness and creativity; 

the fruit of promise, good fortune,

and free will.

 Currently Unavailable.









T-443 Sakura (Cherry Blossom)

Delicate blossom of spring; a 

reminder of life's precious moments

and beauty.

 Currently Unavailable.










WP-04 Kindness

"In a world where you can 

be anything, be kind."








T-438 Valiant             Valiant

In the spirit of the lion,

find courage, strength, and 


Currently Unavailable.








2018 Special Occasion 







SP-04 Mom

Your love and support is the 

foundation of my strength and 

courage, leading me to the path

of endless possibilities.









SP-05 Dad

Your love and support is the 

foundation of my strength and 

courage, leading me to the path

of endless possibilities.






SP-09 Thankful                  Thankful    

Grateful for all the goodness

in the world, appreciative

of all the blessings in life.










SP-10 Wise One                  

The revered lotions and Wise One

potions, we await her

historical recipe for









SP-11 Forever                 Forever

Until the end of time,

you will always be in

my heart.









SP-12 Hanukkah Menorah         Hanukkah Menorah

Reviving tradition and faith,

may this miraculous flame

light up our homes and hearts.

Sid Signature!









SP-13 Beloved                         Beloved

Pieces destined to fit

together, making us one

and complete.



Current Tiles

Includes those due to retire November 2018





T-05 Wing

A rustling of memory, this wing,

this fragment fallen to earth or rising

upward, fast moving as thought. 

Floating us to that light and 

timeless home of angels.

 Currently Unavailable.








T-06 Treble Clef

Music marks a life. 

It is a secret inner motion.

First note like a key, unlocking 

all the history of the heart.

 Currently Unavailable















 T-41 Paris

Like its own planet Paris revolves

around love. Centuries of iron and

stone repeating the ancient history.







T-45 Piano Keys            Piano Keys

Bone white and black keys

casting spells, rising and falling,

like all the passions of the




















 T-109 Under Stars (Retired)

The woven music of an unheard chord

mysteriously moves the soul in us all.












T-125 Medieval Tree of Life

Winter is the season to dream the 

beginning. Like this great tree we are

all rooted in one earth, ever changing,

ever growing.










T-175 Seven of Hearts

Seventh heaven is near.

It is here, in our heart. 











T-191 Tree of Life - Evolution (Retired)

Winter is the season to dream

the beginning. Like this great tree we

are all rooted in the earth. Ever

changing, ever growing.







 T-236 Union                Union

True love deserves neither honors 

nor reproaches.














T-251 Friendship               

A friend dispels the cold and 

warms the soul.

 Currently Unavailable.













T-275 Aviator                     Aviator

This tiny visitor, messenger of change,     

bestirred from winter's dream to the 

work of a new season, and the 

passing of another page.










T-281 Ocean's Gift

And the ocean asks,

"Can it be true...that in this world

of marvels, one's as wonderful 

as you?"

 Currently Unavailable






T-287 Fabled Bird                     Fabled Bird

Majestic creature of 

amethyst and gold!

Guardian of paradise,

symbol of renewal.











T-294 Dragon  (Retired)                   Dragon

Valiant protector of good 

fortune, keeper of the

eternal flame of


 Currently Unavailable










T-300 Medieval Cross              Medieval Cross

Radiant cross casting divine

light upon the four corners 

of the world.










T-301 Magnolia

She, most ancient of all the blooms.

Nature's sublime adornment of 

strength and beauty.

 Currently Unavailable.










T-306 Birth

Like the pure light of morning,

you came into the world at 

just the right time.












T-315 Artist's Signature (Retired)








T-316 Wisdom                Wisdom

Your brilliance lights a 

path through the dark

woods of the world.


 Currently Unavailable.











T-335 Dolce Vita

Sweetly, the winds of summer

play as we dream the days away.












T-336 The Key

Now and forever, you hold the key.

You are part of my story and will

always be.






T-341 Family                  Family

Born into a love that

exceeds any distance.

 Currently Unavailable.











T-351 Marigold (Retiring)

Rise each morning simple and

centered, loving the sun.

 Currently Unavailable.













T-357 Fortune                        Fortune      

Worship strength and kindness

over gold. Luck smiles on 

every corner of the home.












T-364 The Messenger

From a faraway place, you touch 

my soul and I am forever changed.

 Currently Unavailable










T-366 Faith                       Faith

Emerging in full bloom

when hope has washed away.

 Currently Unavailable.

























T-370 Nest               Nest

Designed of divine 

proportions, in this

sphere, life begins,

held in the arms of love

without end.

 Currently Unavailable.









T-373 Metamorphosis           Metamorphosis

To surrender is a beautiful

journey. Unfurl your true glory.
























T-380 Explorer

Led by forces unpredictable, 

we navigate the lessons to be learnt.

 Currently Unavailable.











T-381 Sea's Garden (Retired)

Ancient sanctuary of life, delicate

and magical; the colonies that 

decorate our seas.











T-383 Arm's Reach (Retired)

Immortal soul of the sea, omnipotent 

and mysterious, reaching out to 

seize the eternity of life.





T-385 Friend                        Friend

Old friend of mine, thank you

for the wisdom and observations.

You are the magician and the 

prophet of good luck.














T-387 Nature's Gift

The seed of goodness is the path

to acceptance and love, bringing 

our world together. 











T-388 Knowledge

The root of my foundation; celebrated

with life's soaring exploration.

Currently Unavailable 





T-389 Voyage             Voyage

Life's journey is exploring

adventures and joy,

finding experiences to cherish.

 Currently Unavailable.











T-393 Resilience

Brilliant light that illuminates the sky,

you are my force and strength.

 Currently Unavailable.










T-394 Yin & Yang (Retiring)

Celebration of our ever-changing

selves, transforming back and forth 

through time; we become complete

with one another.

 Currently Unavailable









T-395 Hanami (Retiring).

Cascading through space and time, 

blossoms fall gracefully. 

Elegant and pure, faithful to the earth.

 Currently Unavailable.











T-401 Gatekeeper

We are the guardians of our choices;

the directors of our lives.













T-402 Benevolence

With compassion and empathy, 

we heal and renew.

 Currently Unavailable.











T-403 Chance (Retired)

Like the roll of the dice, our lives

are directed by strategy and luck.











T-404 Red Camellia

With the breath of spring, we long 

for nature's colour; the flower of 

excellence and passion.

 Currently Unavailable.





T-406 Celtic Tree of Life          Tree of Life

With the balance of strength

and harmony, we are all connected

in the circle of life.

 Currently Unavailable











T-407 Sacred Lotus

Spiritual reflection engages the 

purity of the mind and body.

 Currently Unavailable











T-408 Stability

Change is constant; steady are our

values and beliefs as the world turns.
















T-412 Ships Ahoy

Journey's way through vast seas,

discovering valuable lessons by


 Currently Unavailable.











T-419 Cryptic

Navigate the mysterious way of life

through the patchwork and diversity

of all cultures. 











T-422 Heart Song

The whole of many parts is found in

the harmonized melody of our song.











T-423 Peace

Soaring to great heights, our 

messenger brings us peace 

and promise.

 Currently Unavailable.











T-425 Primrose

Patience and kindness nurture our

soul and our hearts.












T-426 Vitality

Your spirit influences your truth,

your wisdom shapes your ambition.

 Currently Unavailable.











T-428 Myriad

For each stride we make, 

take another step.

 Currently Unavailable











T-430 Ancient Pear

In life, we find wisdom in the purity 

of our heart and our well-being

rejoices in its abundance.











H-16 Blessed (Retired)

The Merciful will cause the Temple to

be rebuilt in its place, speedily in 

our day.










WP-01 Love You

"The way to love anything is to realize

that it may be lost."

-Gilbert K. Chesterton

 Currently Unavailable.


















Mon Ami


T-363 Mon Ami (Retired)

To walk with you at sunrise, run to you when darkness falls, in good humour, 'tis my joy to























T-298 Screen Passage  (Retired)          

Screen Passage

Portal to memories past, and 

lingering scents of long forgotten





























T-414 Kaleidoscope       


Joined as one, we see no difference 

in the kaleidoscope of light's











T-416 Collage     Collage

Like a giant mosaic, shards of

pattern and presentation, we 

are one world. 










T-413 United         United

Partners soaring through the sky;

champions of love.

 Currently Unavailable.











SP-07 O Canada      O Canada

With glowing hearts we see thee rise

the True North strong and free!

From far and wide, O'Canada, we stand on

guard for thee.







T-437 A Forgotten Letter     A Forgotten Letter

Sentiments connecting life and emotion through 

the tradition of handwritten letters.

Currently Unavailable









SP-08 The Star-Spangled Banner    Star-Spangled Banner

O long may it wave o'er the land 

of the free and the home of the 


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